Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bui, Marant and Saint Laurent

Barbara Bui 
Let’s face it – the way our British summers are shaping up it now seems that leather is a legitimate choice for our summer wardrobes!  And if you’re going to wear leather then make it the sumptuously soft navy and black pieces by Barbara Bui.  I loved the simplicity of this collection.  The boxy, sleeveless jackets worn as dresses or as tunics over trousers may well be my summer silhouette. It feels effortlessly cool, although summer leather may incidentally be the complete opposite!  I’m almost wishing for a bad summer next year so that this luxe laid back look can be worn without a fainting episode on the underground!

Isabel Marant
The first lady in fashion (at least in my eyes) returned again to all things American with her S/S13 collection. Hawaiian flower prints, rhinestone denim and scandalously low slung flares all point to one man and one man only, that’s right Elvis is alive and kicking.  While the hula print didn’t really get me all shook up (see what I did there!)  the loose paisley looks and the fraying flares were totally up my street. So many designers have turned to white this season but I like the way Marant breaks her pieces up with light paisley motifs or rhinestone to give them a grungier, edgier feel. Elvis is back in the building!

Saint Laurent
YSL may have changed its name to the shorter, more convenient (Ahem!) Saint Laurent but the ethos and the essence of the brand was thankfully not trampled  by new designer Heidi Slimane.  With a background in menswear (previously with Dior) Slimane showed elegant, super slim-line tailoring with a rock and roll edge.  The wide brimmed fedoras, the paired down embellished jackets and flowing prairie style dresses marked a fresher, younger movement in the fashion house. It’s easy to imagine the likes of Kate Moss and Lou Doillon in these creations effortlessness elegance redefined!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cavalli,Pucci and Fendi

Roberto Cavalli
Ok, so I know it's wrong but I'm kind of in love with the slashed leather flares at Cavalli. Maybe it was the way they were effortlessly styled with intricately cut leather dresses in sorbet shades of pink and  lime, or maybe I'm having a style relapse - who knows?! In fact it was all about the lazer cut for Cavalli's S/S offering.   Cool pastel shades of  leather, accents of  neon and lace trimmed necklines created a soft, delicate, airy feel to the collection in complete contrast to the moodiness of FW. It's made me dream of hazy, palm fringed beaches and sipping fresh, cool mojitos, transporting me successfully from the current London gloom.

Emilio Pucci
This collection rocks - there's almost little more to be said!  In terms of channeling the orient, a theme adopted at many S/S shows, this has to be my favourite. In a removal from the rather disappointing collection from Prada (no I will not be investing in leather socks to wear with my sandals, however cool they're deemed by the fashion squad!) Pucci touched on the shapes and details of the orient rather then bombarding the catwalk with cliche. Collars were high and with toggle fastenings, which were also seen at the sides of box jackets, embroidery was kept subtle and tonal and silk bomber jackets were oversized and sporty. If you're going oriental this S/S my advice is to follow Pucci's lead and stick to subtle detailing in order to avoid looking like you work at your local Chinese restaurant!

I'm craving a baggy leather pant at the moment (got my eye on a wine coloured pair that may yet make it into my winter wardrobe) and those in the top look caught my eye when scrolling through endless Milan shows.  Although colour blocking leather ain't really my thang, I do love the shape and cut of these, they're just the right amount of baggy for me and the cropped length keeps them flattering.  As for the rest of the collection I loved the tones and the boxy shapes and  as with Kane there's a definite vintage telephone wire moment happening here - time to invest in a bit of DIY! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Unique, Saunders and Kane

Topshop Unique 
Ok so there's a lot of white at this show, but it's a shade that's been used across the board with S/S emerging as a blank canvas for creativity in texture, shape and styling. This has to be one of my favourite Unique collections, the wearability depicted in the personalised 'barely-there' jewellery, is (dare I say it) Unique for their collections! It feels like they're aiming the pieces at their older, more sophisticated (better paid) consumer and it's working.  The long loose shirt dress will definitely be making it's way into my S/S13 wardrobe. That's me talking as an older, more sophisticated (though sadly not better paid) consumer. Cheers Sir Green!

Jonathan Saunders
This was described by Saunders as his 'hardest' collection.  Certainly, the more relaxed shapes are an escape from his more fitted silhouettes and the dark slash of lipstick lends a grittier edge.  The fish scale patterns were particularly beautiful especially as they faded across the body across t-shirts and trousers.  The tiny triangle bras under loose blazers or (again) the bomber show a playfulness and nod to the 90's that's been showing itself across all  the shows. I like how paired down this collection is, relaxed and sophisticated with a hint of grunge.

Christopher Kane 
Kane has secured his place as the King of LFW once again.  His show is always the hottest ticket in town with every collection pushing the boundaries and heralding London as the epicenter of all things cool!  He's having a bit of a Blue Peter moment with his new collection - think masking tape, gaffer tape and vintage telephone wire shoe straps! It's creation exposed and I love it. Again the over-sized bomber makes an appearance and the hologram catwalk sets the tone for a high shine S/S.

Monday, 17 September 2012

E&J, Lang and Proenza

Elizabeth & James
Ok so I am desperately in love with this collection.  The copper tone (which btw is all over the catwalk) is so fresh for summer and in these light sheeny silks looks effortlessly cool.  I really like the turn to casual tailoring that's emerging too - with the cropped trouser being the best way to offset your summer sandals or transeasonal trainers, this is not the season for a heel.  Be Smart, think casual!

Helmut Lang
As you can see by the looks I've picked out I seem to be having  a box jacket moment! Again the copper/orange tones and the oriental high shine prints we saw at Proenza last year make a return to the fore.  What draws me to these looks is the effortlessness, the air of nonchalance!  
One thing's for sure people will stand up and take notice of these seperates, even if you appear not to care at all!  

Proenza Schouler
Ahh Proenza you've done it again! Snakeskin makes an appearance at this show as it has at Erdem in London this season and again the shapes are boxy and oversized.  I love the element of grunge here.  The perforated leathers adding a sporty feel whilst red and black check, knee high black leather boots and panels of black lace lendit a punky edge.  ( Psssst - Watch out for the Hologram PS11 coming to stores just before Crimbo - it's sure to prepare you for S/S 13)

Stay tuned for my London picks coming soon.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

les Chaussures

I know, I know - I've deserted you all recently.  Working and hunting for a flat have somewhat taken over my life at the moment it has to be said. However, on a late Tuesday cruise through the internet look what wonders I found!  These hot mamas are by Claudie Pierlot, they're actually embroidered and are winking at me with such force it's an effort not to reach into my purse and find my debit card!! I must resist!
If you can't - get them here!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

On The Road

I'm anxiously awaiting the new 'On the Road' bar the whole Kristen Stewart debarcle which has somewhat tarnished it.  Jack Kerouc's beatnik, alcohol and sex fuelled journey through America is my favourite piece of writing.  I love his descriptions of the tiniest details and only wish I had the ability to capture people and experiences the way he did. 

“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars"
Jack Kerouc 'On The Road'

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Doctor, Doctor...

I got a bad case of loving you...
Yep it's the bag style of the season and whilst they look super chic on the catwalk my only concern on catching a ride on the 'doctor tote wagon' was how to incorporate it into my style.  So here's an idea on what I'd wear, a kind of transeasonal look too with all this weird weather and I love the crop down boots with the silver embellishment, a definite item on this week's wish list!
1. Grey Jumper Kain £305 Net-a-Porter
2. Black leather Bag Zara £89.99 Zara
3. Rust Jacket Chalayan £1060 Net-a-Porter
4.Silver Necklace Hannah Martin £330 Hannah Martin
5. Black leather boots Jeffrey Campbell £105 Office
6. Cut off denim shorts Ksubi £135.50 Ksubi